Are tattoos acceptable in business? 

This is a topic that is particularly close to my heart being quite the tattoo addict myself and I think it’s a topic worth speaking about.

Who has tattoos anyway?

well the truth is that tattoos are so mainstream now and people from all backgrounds and careers have them. I know teacher, police and even one of my best friends a top radiation therapist in Zealand has a few.
I have lots of tattoos and plan to get many more.

How are you going to get a job if you have Tattoos?

That is a ridiculous question that I have been asked a few times, but at the same time before getting a tattoo you need to consider everything and be real with yourself.
if you are going for a job interview with a bank or maybe a teaching role (just some examples) and you have tattoos all over your face and hands you need to realise that people will judge you. No, it’s not fair but it is a fact.
”it’s not fair” ”they can’t discriminate” well the fact is that people do and first impressions are everything and that is why I am very cautious about where I get tattoos. you can’t see any of my tattoos when I wear a shirt.

Does this mean I can’t have tattoos and be successful?

Absolutely not! get what you want and do what makes you happy but just understand the reality that not everyone has the same view as you.
it can be a hold back having visible tattoos in business but it doesn’t mean its wrong or you should have to hide them. I choose to hide them in business because it’s not the image I want to portray all time and I like that.
There are some hugely successful people out their covered head to toe in tattoos and they get on fine. Just be self-aware about your image.

What did you think?

I hope you found this little blog useful if you did let me know I’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for future blogs that you want to read. Check out our Instagram page Above_the_tree.


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