Entrepreneurs book of the month vol.1


Welcome to volume 1 of the monthly series ‘’Entrepreneurs book of the month’’. Here I will review and recommend one book that has added value to me and will most certainly add value to you. This is where I will talk about the essentials that you need to be reading.

What reading means to me

Reading for me is more than just a story and black words on white paper, it’s an achievement.

When I show off my books, I refer to them as my trophies. Not only do I gain valuable information, but I gain a sense of pride from completing a book.

Why am I so proud? Well, I’m dyslexic and I relish in defying the odds. Not only do I love blogging, but I also read at least two books a month.

Here’s the thing all of them are good, but some are amazing. So that brings me to this series. I am going to save you the time and direct your attention to the most valuable books.

Book of the month

Here we go the very first book of the month is ‘’When I stop talking, you’ll know I’m dead’’ by Jerry Weintraub.


This is an inspirational collection of defining moments from Weintraub’s road to success or as he describes it ‘’useful stories from a persuasive man.” As the book begins Weintraub paints a picture of his humble beginnings, growing up as a Jewish boy in the Bronx.

You learn about Weintraub’s father, a Jeweller who from nothing, grew a successful business. Weintraub tells his father’s story. He shows you that it’s not the product, it’s the packaging and the take that sells. When I read this book, I felt as though I could see through Weintraub’s eyes, I could feel the cold when he served in Alaska with the air force and his excitement from how he found a way to profit from two full time jobs. The book is beautifully descriptive.

I learnt so much reading about Weintraub’s first taste of business and got some great ideas of my own. In the book he talks about his relationship with presidents, rabbis and rock stars, it’s like you can see his ways of persuasion first hand.

Now Weintraub is a realist and an un-conventional genius, he understands exactly who he is, what he’s good at and what he’s not so good at. This is a lesson worth learning. Weintraub was prepared to do almost anything to get the results he wanted, and boy did it pay off. This book is truly entertaining and it’s a must read for all entrepreneurs.

Rating = 9/10

Amazon link – https://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Stop-Talking-Youll-Know/dp/0446548162/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1472084010&sr=8-1&keywords=when+i+stop+talking+you%27ll+know+i%27m+dead


When you have finished reading an Autobiography it can be a great idea to get the audio book as well. Personally I do this all the time. I take so much more value from each book, I listen to it in the gym, in the car and in between meetings. Often autobiography audio books are read by the author themselves. This book in particular is read by Weintraub himself and it adds a whole new dynamic.

Audio books can be expensive so I use the Audible app from Amazon, for £7.99 a month you get 1 credit to spend on an audio book of your choice.


Have you read this book? What did you think? Any suggestions for the next book of the month? Let me know in the comments below. I’d also like to hear what you thought of this blog. Would you like to see this sort of thing again?

‘’You will be the same person in five years as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read.”― Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


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